Friday, November 05, 2004


Stranger in a very strange land

Given the current elections, and the issues (anti-Gay marriage, abortion) which apparently motivated the voters who broght the election to Bush, I feel very much like a stranger in a veery strange land.

I read that one West Virginia Republican informed an interviewer that he was voting for Bush "because he's good". When asked whether he then believed that John Kerry was evil, he paused, and then said "Yeah."

I suppose these pages might be read by those who believe anyone against GWBush is evil, against God or against America. Obviously I can't give an unbiased opinion of whether or not I'm evil, and the opinions of my Republican mother and various Republican friends wouldn't count, as the relationship precludes unbias.
As to being against God or against America (the USA), I am a devout Christian with a strong respect for American traditions and history. I believe, for instance, that Thomas Paine was as American as Alexander Hamilton, that John C Calhoun was as American as John Brown. If you're up on your American history, you'll realize that I've chosen people whose viewpoints and actions were radically opposed (and with which I perhaps may not agree).
On the other hand, I believe much of the American church has been co-opted by laissez-faire capitalism, a philosophy which has only existed for perhaps 150 years or so.

The historical source texts for American liberalism are found in the Bible--the Pentateuch, the Prophets (especially the Minor Prophets), the Gospels, and to a somewhat lesser degree the Epistles. Other philosophies played a part, but the foundation was the Bible. For many of those who rejected Christianity, the issue was Christian hypocricy rather than Christian ethics.

Note--for those of non-Christian heritage or faith--there are definitely contributions to American liberalism by members of other faiths, and agnostics and atheists. Much of the American Jewish community has tended to be liberal with many of the same scriptural roots as American Christians. Other communities contributed to American liberal thought as well, but the numerically dominant group was based in or influenced by the Christian Bible.

Note to any readers hoping for plentiful updates--I only expect to add to this blog from time to time. Most of my blogging time is spent reading (and occasionally responding to) other people's blogs.

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Bob Griffin

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